It appears the Las Vegas Golden Knights are not content just to cling on to a playoff spot and limp into the post season. GM George McPhee’s plan to bolster the post season roster was revealed Monday morning when he announced a historic, unprecedented trade that saw China, Medieval Times Dinner Theater, Bud Light, and the Golden Knights exchange… ummm… stuff?


In a straight up swap, VKG sent their electro-disco drum line to China for the drummers from the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony. This is a straight up win for Vegas. No idea why China would make this deal?


Vegas also sent the horrid Medieval Times themed game intro back to Medieval Times for a falcon to be named later.

But McPhee wasn’t done.

For some inexplicable reason, Bud Light sprayed painted the Blue Knight gold and sent him to Sin City in exchange for some guy in a C3PO suit standing on the corner of Fremont Street.

When reached for comment on the trade of his long time partner, a somber R2D2 said, “BEEEwwWWWOOoooo… ooOp”.