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It’s been a while beer leaguers, but we’re back on track with another BLT Rocket!

Our latest Rocket is Jacquie (@jaudet_1) from San Jose, California.

Being from the Bay, her favourite team is understandably the Sharks. She started playing hockey when she was 7 years old because her dad and brother played.

Since then, her hockey career has taken her through college at St. Cloud State and Lake Forest College.

Jacquie tells us her favourite moment from playing was setting a school record for most saves in a shutout… AFTER her shoulder dislocated in the first period! But she’s tough and she played through it! Wow, we know Nick wouldn’t be doing that.

She now coaches AAA girls and boys hockey for the Jr. Sharks in San Jose.

Jacque tells us “I love being able to create relationships with the players and help them develop as people through the game. Helping them fix and work on aspects of their position on the ice, and also help guide and mentor them off the ice in the mental/emotional side of the game has been super rewarding.”

Awesome Jacquie! Maybe you can give us some coaching tips next time we roll through Cali 😉

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