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Jessica Stark (@jesstark) was born and raised in Sylvania, Ohio, just outside of Toledo.

“My mom actually went into labor with me during one of my brother’s hockey games, so I joke that I was born to love hockey! I grew up watching him and was always around the rink. My family is a big hockey family so I’ve been in love with the game ever since I can remember.”



She has been a Red Wings fan her whole life, but her love grew for the Columbus Blue Jackets ever since she started working for them a couple years ago. So now she roots for the Jackets, but the Wings will always have a special place in her heart.



She doesn’t currently play hockey, but for the last four years she has been an ice girl for the Columbus Blue Jackets and she says it has brought her the coolest experiences.



“Being able to watch almost every game from the glass is incredible in itself. I got to skate for the US vs Canada World Cup of Hockey game which was an awesome experience. When playoffs comes around, those games are a blast to work. But I would have to say the most fun is when we get a hat trick on home ice. The ice crew picks up all the hats and it’s the coolest sight to be skating on the ice with all these hats raining down on you.”



She does have a favourite funny story from on the job. “When we’re out shoveling during periods, usually the players and refs are observant of us and make sure to get out of the way if not we’re good at dodging them. Well a couple seasons ago, one of the refs was not paying close attention and as I was passing him he turned around and skated right into the side of me. Unfortunately I’m not trained in how to take a check from a ref and he knocked me down right in front of the benches. Shovel went flying and everything. I was fine, it was funny! But he ended up coming up to me and apologizing after the game, so it was all good! Refs gotta keep their heads up too!”



Jess loves to go out and enjoy a cold Moscow Mule, but she says she would rather be drinking a chocolate milk instead. We know Nick can get behind that #YooHoo

Maybe we will see Jess the next time we are at the Columbus Draft Tournament!

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