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Recently there has been a video circulating on the internet of some young people playing pickup hockey on the frozen Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool which is located on the national mall, adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.


The reflecting pool was designed by Henry Bacon and opened in 1923. It is the largest of many reflecting pool’s within Washington DC and is overseen by the National Park Service.


Beer League Talk wanted to clarify a few things about the Reflecting Pool and this video.  First, it is illegal for anyone to wade, swim, or ice skate in or on any of the reflecting pools in Washington, D.C. Second, some of the posts showing the video referred to the helicopter as a “US Capital Police helicopter” when it is in fact a United States Park Police helicopter.


Beer League Talk reached out to the United States Park Police Public Information Office to ask about the incident and received the following statement:


Mr. Blackburn,


Thank you for your inquiry.  The incident in question occurred on February 1, 2019.  Here is our statement:


In this incident, several individuals were observed ice skating on the eastern end of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Park regulations prohibit skating on the Reflecting Pool; however, we understand that the means by which the pilot chose to enforce those regulations appears inappropriate. U.S. Park Police officers hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and strive to ensure that any contact with the public is respectful and appropriate. As such, we have initiated an internal investigation into the actions of our pilot.



Sergeant E. Delgado


United States Park Police

Public Information Office

Office of the Chief




Beer League Talk will continue to follow the story as it develops.