Hey other NHL teams… Want to know how to please your fans? You don’t make them buy & wear embarrassing 3rd jerseys. So unlike the Hurricanes, the Ducks, and the Jets the Calgary Flames said, “hey fans, we respect you as human beings and hockey people”.  They did that buy unveiling these beauties today



Classic. Simple. Beautiful. I’m in Love. I know I know, some of my Flames fam wanted the horse head to come back. I voted the horse head  of the worst jerseys of all time but I still would have liked it more than the Jets 3rd jerseys.


As for the current 3rd jersey,  I will be extremely proud to don this piece of Calgary Flames art. I will be buying one ASAP. The only question is what name/number.  Do I put on the back? My own…… HAHA I’m J/K, I’m not an idiot.


I think the Flames have the best 3rd jersey so far. Yes I’m biased, but can I also go on the record to say I’m a huge fan of Vancouver bringing back one of their classics?


So let’s say the Canucks and Flames are tied for best 3rd jersey. How do we settle this tie? …… The team with the most Stanley Cups wins