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If you’re like me, and thousands of other hardcore gamers, you’re looking forward to what Infinity Ward has to offer with this newest Call of Duty instillation. Boots on the ground, realistic weapons, maps and gameplay; back to the basics. Throughout the years it seems that Call of Duty lost it’s charm with the addition of boost jumping among other things, and the games felt like they lost their core ideas that made this such a hard-hitting franchise.


But boy, oh boy, is Call of Duty back and looking better than ever. If you’ve had the opportunity to play the free-to-play Alpha that was released for 3 days, to test play what you’ll see in the final game, then you know the dramatic changes to gameplay that took place. The game looks more like Battlefield and Rainbow Six Siege had a love-child with Call of Duty and I’m not mad at it. Along with beautiful graphics and well thought out maps, there was also a change to weapons, killstreaks and other things. That’s right; Killstreaks are back and better than ever.

Sure, technically this is the fourth installment in the “Modern Warfare” series, but instead of being a new game, it’s indeed a re-boot. A much needed re-boot at that, one that will remind us what Call of Duty used to be like and hopefully will be like in the future of these games. They returned to adding a Story Mode in the game, something a lot of hardcore fans were upset about losing in Black Ops 4. They also added a game-mode called gunfight, (if you played the Alpha then you are familiar with this), where you and a team mate face off against 2 other online players on small maps with pre-selected weapons. The 2v2 matches are quick but fun, and add a new dynamic to the game modes that you can play.


If you pre-order the game before the October release date you will gain access to the beta gameplay in September.

Consoles and PC are as follows:

  • September 12-13 – PS4 pre-order beta
  • September 14-16 – PS4 open beta
  • September 19-20 – PC, Xbox One pre-order beta, PS4 open beta
  • September 21-23 – PC, Xbox One, PS4 open beta

If you’ve wanted to play with your friends on PC or Xbox, there will be a crossplay option between different platforms. Have you ever wanted to get quick scoped from someone playing on a mouse and keybord with a god-like frame rate? Now’s your opportunity. Along with crossplay, they’ve also added the Gunsmith. A way for you to really be able to customize your weapons to suit your play-style or map that you are playing on. Long barrels, short barrels, muzzle breaks, interchangeable grips, magazines and stocks. Lions, tigers, and bears… oh my! So many options and choices to choose from, where will you start?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a scheduled release date for October 25, 2019. As more features are made public and more gameplay is released I will update you, the reader, more and more. There are great things happening in the Call of Duty community, and I among others, are completely excited!