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Well, ladies and gentleman, we’re 14 days away from the official release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and many people are excited and waiting in anticipation for a full experience of the finished product. We have cross-play abilities so that console players can play with PC players and vice-versa, a new and smoother feeling gameplay, better weapons and what seems to be a much better community to top it all off! During the Beta gameplay we were graced with several different game modes to play including NVG (Night Vision Goggles Mode), Ground War (30V30), Team Deathmatch, Realism Mode and Domination. My personal favorite is the NVG mode… I call it laser tag.

Now of course, with all of these pros there are guaranteed to be some cons… lag issues, ping drops, etc. are to be expected. One thing that nobody was expecting to make a comeback was microtransactions… now, nobody minds loot boxes that result in cosmetic changes (I.E. Weapon Camos, Outfit Camos, Weapon Charms) but nobody, and I mean nobody, wants microtransactions that result in receiving game-changing advantages. When you can spend a couple of dollars on a loot box and get a weapon that is stronger than the base in-game guns, that is a problem for everybody. Why should someone who is willing to spend real world money, in a virtual world, get an advantage over others who can’t afford those microtransactions. I personally, wouldn’t want to spend real money to get an in-game advantage. I would rather learn how to use the base guns better and find different tactics and strategies to get a better advantage, not pay for a better advantage. There is no for sure insight that the microtransactions will be game-changing weapons causing in-game advantages, but with Activision’s record on these kinds of things, it’s all but guaranteed. The odds are that there will be weapons included in the loot boxes and people are pissed.


Fans aren’t hiding their dismay towards Activision, and rightfully so. This has become the unwelcome norm within video game companies and developers and nobody is getting used to it anytime soon. There is still time to reverse this decision, and it is more than likely in Activision’s best interest to reconsider and re-plan. Despite this most recent news, I’m still quite excited to get my hands on this new Call of Duty game and I am going to be sinking a lot of my free time into honing my skills to combat against players with an advantage. This won’t be the last time you’ll hear from me about this topic, I’ll post an update on this subject when more news is received, looked into and confirmed.