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It has been two weeks since the St. Louis Blues knocked off the Boston Bruins in Game Seven to win their first Stanley Cup. The second that final horn went off I was jacked! Not only did the Bruins lose and we got the greatest gift in the sad Marchand picture, but finally I could stop feeling so dirty cheering for the Blues. Let me tell ya cheering for that team as a diehard Hawks fan was rough but there was no way I was pulling for the Bruins (Sorry Pasta and Bergeron). The series was over and now I can go back to hating these guys. Well at least that’s what I thought.

Before the celebration went off the air, I was already finding myself respecting these guys once more. Super fan Laila, the 11-year-old who suffers from HLH was on the ice with her favorite player Colton Parakyo. She was having the time of her life celebrating with the boys and then Parakyo goes and does one of the coolest things by helping her lift the Cup so she can give it a kiss. Damn you Parakyo, why do you have to be so awesome?

The celebration is over and now I can finally go back to my hatred for these guys, that is until I got on social media after the Cup Parade. During the parade Tarasenko spots a fan with Down Syndrome with a Tarasenko jersey. What does he do? He gives the fan a giant hug and then proceeds to sign the jersey for the fan. After seeing how happy Tarasenko made this fan it is almost impossible to not be a fan. Damn you Tarasenko.


As Cup celebrations go on we are starting to hear more and more about some of these players and just how great they truly are. There aren’t many other athletes in other sports that would go above and beyond like hockey players do. I may hate the Blues, but damn do I have to respect the players.

Damn you St. Louis, can next season just start so I can go back to hating you?