I never question myself. NEVER. I just don’t see the point. But other people do. Some people ask “Why do you do the things you do?”. The answer is simple …. because they need to be done.

Personally, validation is simply not needed for my actions. But occasionally validation comes and I’m not going to lie…. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

So you’re probably thinking, “Nick , what does validation from a dejected goalie blog look like?” Funny you should ask…. It looks like salty goalie tears. It looks like a goalie with a company that sells cheap and inferior jerseys from China (Matt’s company does not sell jerseys from China. But see how easy it is to make up things and pass them off as facts like Matt did in his weak chirp below), that obviously takes playing between the pipes at the beer league level way too seriously, trying to chirp back but he can’t even spell your name right.

Basically validation looks like this


To be fair to this idiot, I tried to sign #TeamBLT up for the lowest division in Anaheim so we could dominate but the Anaheim Ducks organization thought that because I have a bad ass beer league podcast that we needed to be 4 divisions and another tier higher so….

Am I super hero? Maybe. Am I the spokesperson for every hockey player that’s ever been the victim of a goalie who has gotten flat out lucky by closing their eyes, flopping around in pads that are 100% bigger than they should be, accidentally being in the way of a puck, and then calling it a save?


But you know who doesn’t like that I’m doing God’s work here? Goalies! It’s been said that every time I post a dejected goalie photo one goalie turns in his oversized pillows for a player stick and joins the side of the light. So let’s welcome 5 more slap shooting, dirty dangling, tendy embarrassing soldiers of truth to the side of the greatness


Also remember 2019 is still the #YearOfTheGoalie……. and thanks again to TJ Chase for taking the photos and mentorship.