It’s BAAACKKKKKKK. This is probably the most loved and hated blog series in all of BLT history. See DJB 1 , 2, 3. Now before any of you “dinged in the dome 10 too many times in warm ups” weirdos freak out let’s take a moment to breathe…. and welcome a new goalie to the fold.

I’m here, I drink beer, and I probably stop more pucks than you.



Was that last sentence offensive? Please don’t contact my place of employment and try to get me in trouble like a goalie did after previous DGBs. But on to the dejected goalie part:



Look it’s me getting scored on and people celebrating. You don’t see me getting all butt hurt over it. I hope all the GGSU (now goalie bros) don’t flood the Beer League Talk facebook page to protect me. Oh wait… Yes I do. Defend my honor goalie bros!


Maybe some of you noticed the GoPro behind me in the photos above.  Yes, there is full video of this epic goalie extravaganza. Will you get to see it? Who knows… The last thing I’d want to do is put it out and make goalies that have been playing for years feel bad about themselves.

Viva La Nicky Windmills