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If you listen to the BLT¬†podcast (and you should ya hoser) you probably think I’m the resident goalie hater here at Beer League Talk. I don’t want to get into arguments about whether I hate goalies or not, but one proven fact is that goalies are weird…. Maybe “different” is a nicer word. One big thing they are weird about is their equipment. Beer league goalies always complain that they shouldn’t have to pay league fees because they spend so much on gear. They spend so much on gear because they change those big ass leg pillows every season because they blame them when they give up 10 goals a game in D league (news flash boys… It is not the pillows).

I digress. This blog is about one of the most beautiful pieces of goalie gear I’ve ever seen. Tuukka Rask, star goalie for the Boston Bruins just released some photos of his mask for the Winter Classic, and OH.MY.GOD. Have you seen their winter classic jerseys yet? [Side note last time I was in Boston I had the Tuukka Special at Monicas Mercato. You should definitely try it:¬†Turkey, bacon, pepperoni, American, onion, mayo, and hots. Just delicious. Maybe another reason to be a goalie fan.]



Back to the mask. Check out this F’n beauty. Tell me this isn’t one the best masks you’ve ever seen and I’ll show you a liar.



I love how Tuukka and the painter incorporated the ND theme into this. It’s just beautiful. This mask is so beautiful that Canuck fans are now ok with losing to the Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. This mask is so nice that Habs fans are likely cheering for the Bruins to win the outdoor game. This mask is so awesome that I’m now the biggest goalie fan, the greatest goalie fan…. A YUUUGGGGE goalie fan.

Well I wouldn’t go that far. But this mask has definitely pushed me to be less of a goalie hater that’s for sure. I still think beer league goalies should pay league fees. Maybe they should even pay double since they are on the ice triple the amount of time I am.

But what do you think of this mask? Let us know in the comments!