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As a fan of the NHL I… You… WE put up with a lot of bullshit from the league. To name a few: having to listen to Gary Bettman say anything, lockouts, helping the Oilers by basically handing them four #1 overall draft picks, and did I mention lockouts? But now…

We tried to help the league do some of the right things…. But now they have done it. They have pushed us too god damned far. I know what you’re doing NHL and I’m here to stop it.

This is a travesty. The new 3rd jerseys are blatant fuck you to all the fans and we don’t have to take it. Do they really think we are dumb enough to fall for this money grab ugly ass jersey ploy?

I’m not arrogant enough to think I speak for every hockey fan but if you don’t agree with me here, you’re likely an idiot. Just take a look…


  1. Anaheim Ducks – Couldn’t decide on a couple colors so they decided to use every color. Just looks bush league…. a lot like the team. Sorry Ducks fans but you employ Corey Perry… he’s walking garbage. This is what you should have gone with.

2. Philadelphia Flyers – How is this a “new 3rd jersey”? Isn’t this the same jersey you used in the outdoor game? It looked like a shitty ass practice jersey then, and it looks like shitty ass practice jersey now. Man the NHL must really think Flyers fans are suckers.

3. Carolina Hurricanes – Did someone do this in Microsoft Paint? Hey NHL teams you make millions of bucks, can you not find a real logo designer? Hell, charge an extra dollar on your over priced shitty beer. No one is going to notice a beer going from $15 to $16. I bet if you told Canes fans that you were using the extra $1 so they wouldn’t have to wear embarrassing jerseys they’d probably offer to pay an extra $2 per beer. If one Carolina fan buys one of these jerseys at full price then I will seriously question the intelligence of the hockey fans in the Carolinas and will pray that Karma eventually takes their franchise to Quebec.

4. Winnpeg Jets – Was this “unveiling” a mistake? Did the real jerseys get switched with a division 17 beer league squad at the jersey shop? I for one think the Jets have a great shot at going to the Cup Finals this year but how the hell can Jets fans take their team serious when their team will be wearing these? These are just bad. Real bad.


You know, Two Pump Chump has been preaching about the evil NHL bringing out stupid jerseys all summer and the proof is becoming more apparent every day. The proof says the NHL thinks we are stupid. They think we will just line up to buy whatever shitty product they produce.


Let’s make a stand. Let’s all buy shitty Chinese knockoffs. Or better yet, let’s get some black t-shirts and color our own third jerseys for home games. At the very least it would give these NHL graphic designers some good inspiration for the next money grab.

In closing – You Suck Bettman!

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