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Does the NHL really care about player safety? If so, they need to take a look at NHL’s #1 loser Dustin Byfuglien. Every time I stumble upon a Jets game he seems to do something dirty.

Yes I’m a Flames fan and yes I’m mad that he might have just injured Johnny Gaudreau but … cmon. Wouldn’t any fan be irate if a someone injured their team’s star player on stupid unneeded play?


Happened just last night:

I get it… Byfuglien is embarrassed because Gaudreau just made him look like a tugboat on the ice? Who cares.. Buffy baby you’re 300 lbs, of course those that are fleet of foot on the ice are occasionally going to make you look foolish. Instead of lashing out like a little kid when you get beat, maybe work on that foot speed in the offseason. Turn down a cheeseburger every now and again… or better yet just fucking retire. Quit trying to hurt people because you’re butt hurt they made you lose your jock.

You suck Byfuglien. Here’s some more instances of Big Buff being a loser.