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Just when you think you have heard it all in this crazy game we all love, something even crazier happens. This past weekend the ECHL and the Colorado Eagles were all over the news, and I mean they were on outlets that never talk NHL let alone the ECHL.

Anyways, if you have been living under a rock, the Colorado Eagles were back to back Kelly Cup Champions, with last year being their final year in the ECHL before moving up to the AHL to become the Avalanche’s minor league team. Traditionally after you win your championship and you’ve had your fun with the trophy, you give it back so it can be awarded to the next winner. Well the Eagles don’t follow traditions, and they have kept the Kelly Cup and have shown little interest in giving it back to the league.

Listen, I get it, my beer league team was just in this exact same boat, we played an intense 10 game season then had to grind through the grueling 2 game playoff to win the Seven Bridges B Division Title. You know just Stanley Cup level type of prestige behind that trophy. Anyways, we were allowed to do a victory lap with the trophy, take a few pictures, and even got to drink a few beers out of it. But at the end of the day once we were on our way out we had to leave it at the front desk. Now trust me we all wanted to pull a Colorado and take the trophy with us. I mean we weren’t playing in this league again, much like Colorado we were moving on up to a more competitive league and it would have been so easy to leave with it and never look back. Here is the thing about that though, we aren’t assholes. We knew our fun was over and it was time to move on and leave it for the next season’s champions.

(Of course i’m going to add a photo of the biggest group of benders)

The more you read about this story, the more it sounds like a high school break up. You’ve moved on but now that your old girlfriend has a new guy (congrats to the Newfoundland Growlers – 2019 Kelly Cup Champs) you are refusing to give back their stuff. I know the Colorado ownership group is probably reading this, so let me leave you with this: Are you really going to be less responsible and be bigger degenerates than a beer league team? Come on now. Just do the right thing give the Kelly Cup back and move on. There will be more trophies and they will feel even better than this one I promise you.

But god help the Growlers if they don’t give the new Kelly Cup back next year.