The Calgary Flames have unveiled their jerseys for this year’s Heritage Classic and I’m in love. These are quite possibly the best sweaters in the NHL, and probably all time. Their only competition is the Flames’ retro reds and it’s not really even close.


The Flames wore white sweaters with red shoulders in Atlanta and then from 1980-94 for home games in Calgary. This new HC white jersey is the perfect compliment to the retro jerseys the Flames made their home sweaters in the 2018-19 playoffs. Here’s hoping the Flames do the right thing and make the retro sweaters their official home and away sets soon.


The Flames will wear the nicest jerseys in the NHL when they face-off against the Winnipeg Jets for the Heritage Classic from the scenic town that rhymes with fun, Regina, Saskatchewan, on Oct. 26th.

It’s safe to say everyone agrees with me on this one:


…. well almost everybody (PS THIS GUY IS OBVIOUSLY HAVING A BAD DAY)