This just in: Flume eats ass. No jokes or sarcasm. Just exactly as it says. Flume, a world travelling producer/ DJ was performing at the well-known Burning Man music festival. And it was during this set that we found out, as stated in the first line, that Flume does indeed eat ass. It was caught on camera as well. With his girlfriend being the one who recorded it (awkward, no?)


The backstory here, is while performing at the Burning Man festival, an audience member held up a sign that says “Does Flume even eat ass?”. This just goes to show Flume is a man of the people. He answered the bell big time, doing it on a stage for thousands of people to see. I mean, he had to right? It’s 2019 after all. Everyone is eating ass. Even people who aren’t eating ass are saying they eat ass because it is cool to eat ass. Respect to him though, he really got in there and didn’t appear phased one bit by it. Talk about calling out a bluff.


Talk about living the dream. Rich, famous, and able to eat another girls ass without your girlfriend caring. Not only that, but also recording it and uploading it to her own Instagram story. Good for you Flume. Good for you.