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So, another wonderful season of the best sport in the world just ended.  Honestly it’s not important who won I’m just glad we had the journey. What’s next? Personally, I can’t wait for March.  I LOVE the NCAA Tournament and it’s probably the best post-season of any sports played in or around America.  If amateur sports aren’t your thing the NBA is FINALLY starting to heat up.  You guys seeing all this Lebron drama? My goodness what a trip that guy is.

Anyway, soon pitchers and catchers will report for spring training and we’re just a couple of short months from MLB’s Opening Day.  Spring will have officially sprung.  Lets also not forget about the NFL draft and college football spring games.

After the start of baseball and NFL draft and everything else we’ll be working our way into the summer months.  What’s that mean? You guessed it; NBA playoffs.  Such a great and long playoff.  Can you believe 8 teams from each conference make it in? Even the 16th worst team in the league could, in theory, win the whole thing.  What drama! What parity!

Finally, after the NBA playoffs and some summer baseball, football will be back and all will be right in the world.  Until then, hang tight sports fans.  It’s going to be ok.