Ok girls (and boys) time for another Dangle Diva gear review.

This edition we are reviewing the Pacific Hockey Ultimate Hockey bag 

Let me start by saying this is not a paid post, Pacific Hockey did not send me this bag for free (but if they wanna send me some freebies they know where to find me – justin@beerleaguetalk.com), this bag was a gift from my very sweet wife for my birthday after I very specifically asked her to get it for me.

So. It’s a hockey bag, eh? What’s so special about that? You throw gear in, you pull gear out, and that’s that. Well, not so much with this bag.

One of the first thing you’ll notice about the Pacific Rink bag is it’s…well, organized. Or it at least it gives you the ability to be more organized with your gear. Enclosed in this bag you will find:

  • Top Loading Dry Clothes Compartment, which can be accessed from the inside of the bag or outside.
  • Personal Belongings Pocket that is felt or something else soft lined, so it your phone or sunnies won’t get scratched up.
  • Hockey Accessories Pocket with Sleeves built-in for scissors and tape remover
  • Removable Wet Mesh Bag that clips in and out of your bag
  • Optional Center Divider for more organization
  • Padded Skate Sleeves with built-in padded skate guards to protect your blades


Everything listed here is SUPER functional, with the exception of the center divider. At least for me (not a big guy), my pants were too big to fit into a divided section when it was in place. Fortunately it’s super easy to put down and once it’s out-of-the-way it’s barely noticeable and you can lay everything inside accordingly.

The next thing you’ll notice about the bag is the amount of internal space it has. Maybe it’s because every thing has a place where it belongs, it feels like there’s a lot more room for all your gear, despite the bag being smaller on the exterior than my old bag. The website claims the bags dimensions are 35″ L x 18″ W x 17.60″ H. So whatever that means :shrug emoji:

Next is the construction. The bag feels durable. Made with “1000D Cordura/Kodra Nylon with a strong ballistic nylon reinforced bottom” the bag would appear built to last. Though I’ve only had it for a couple months, I’ve already brought in on two fights to multi-day tourneys, and the bag looks and functions as good as it did on day one.

Another unique feature of this bag is that it has hidden, but easily deployable straps to make the bag into a backpack for when carrying over long distances, as shown here by your author.

So all this good…

Is there any bad?

Yea, a little. The bags durable construction also makes it a bit on the heavy side. It’s not extreme, but it’s noticeable. What exacerbates the issue is the traditional straps are a bit short, and a bit thin, so carrying a full bag normally can be a bit uncomfortable.

Next is the price. This bag is top of the line, but you’re going to pay for it. $200 USD to be exact.

The only other issue is that the bag is so clean and nice looking, you’re always answering people’s questions about it and where you got it from. That can get annoying quick.

Overall? The bag is incredible. It holds your stuff, it keeps it safe and protected, it looks nice and overall appears like it’s going to hold up well. It’s pricey, but in my opinion, worth it.


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