Geezers in Breezers – This Week Hector from Omaha

Hey there Beer Leaguers time to gather round for this week’s Geezer in Breezers. So, grab some wood, pull up a chair or sit on the floor and let me tell you a little story.

Back in my day we skated on tube skates, watched SlapShot like a documentary because that was the game that we watched every night. Knucks were thrown and thrown a lot. We thought that those players were tough.

Maybe they were, but not nearly as tough as this week’s GiB, Hector from Omaha. He’s a true beer leaguer ( so we know he’s used these excuses before) and a tendy (and these goalie excuses too). Though he barely qualifies as a Geezer, he has lived more in his years that any two people that I know.


Like many of us Hector first took the game in as a kid at an Omaha Lancers game. He also played NES games as he grew up. That’s what Nintendo used to make for you greenhorns out there.

As an adult he was deployed to Iraq and served as a US soldier before returning to the States.

Salute to you Hector for your service!

His best hockey memory is returning from Iraq and taking in a Wings playoff game at the Joe. he drove 13 hours after partying and was brought to tears as he saluted the flag the national anthem before the game.


Hector started playing at 29. While wearing a Datsyuk Jersey when getting EEG done for a PTSD study Hector chatted with the tech about a Beer League team. Next thing he was learning to skate with 3-5 year-olds. How tough is that. Nails. Seriously, you try learning to skate with a bunch of kids, that’s guts!

Move forward and he has a wonderful group he minds the net for.  Menace 2 Sobriety is the best beer league team ever, according to Hector. (Do you think you team is better? Enter the Westy) They play twice a week in drop-ins, club tournaments, and sometimes travel for pond hockey.


Hector’s advice to newbies:

Just go for it. You will meet great people and find a piece of you that you didn’t know was missing.

So Beer Leaguers and you, yeah you right there I know you’re thinking about picking up the game. Do it!

The rewards are the people that you meet, the times that you share with them and becoming a part of the Beer League family!
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