Geezers in Breezers – Jeff From Chicago

by @Sounder2thecore


Beer Leaguers  have I got a story to tell you! This week’s guest is another tendy. Really, what’s up here skaters, how come I hear from so few of you? We know that tendys are a different breed and it appears that they are fearless in more than one way. They are unafraid to step up and tell their story on Beer League Talk – Geezers in Breezers.

So, let me get my dentures in and grab my coffee and I’ll get to telling you this week’s tale. PuckinHostile is different from the rest of us that have been featured. For one he is a lifelong player that is still kicking at the age of 44 years. Two, he’s a tendy and all tendys are well…different, let’s say. Lastly, he has played professionally as an inline goalie.


He goes by the Twitter handle @PuckinHostile and runs the podcast @RinkCast covering the Blackhawks. A Chicago native he has been hooked on the game since age 7, when he was introduced to the sport of ball hockey. He began like many do, shooting on nets constructed of makeshift materials in his case PVC pipe goals. Ball hockey led to the ice and a full time goalie spot. It is a position he has held down since age 11.

His goaltending led to a spot on the Chicago Untouchables, a Professional Inline Hockey Association team in the 07-08 season. Despite playing at the highest levels Jeff is in it for the fun of the game and hanging out with friends. In a format change for GiB, here’s what he had to say about the Beer Leagues.


Favorite Part of the Game:

The players.  The fellow goalies.  Generally, sitting out in the parking lot or rink bar with the guys you just slugged it out with, less than an hour earlier, talking hockey over a beer.

Family members that play: 

My brother and I played on many teams together over the years.  He is probably the most dependable defensemen I have ever played with.

My son is 6 years old and has been in the local learn to skate programs, as well as the Little Blackhawks NHL sponsored introductory Hockey program.

Now look at me, pay attention ya little punks, because this is important right here, sit up straight and eyes front! 

What advice would you give new players:

Go in with an open mind and be curious.  Ask questions. I still learn things each game at 44 years old.  Hockey people are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet and they are always up for sharing experiences that you can take to make your own game better.  If you show a true hunger to learn, hockey players will spend plenty of time offering their guidance.

Just because you have watched it on TV does not mean you can step on the ice and immediately do what those players do.  Some of the things that people do on the ice looks effortless, but is very hard in practice. Humility goes a long way. The last thing any old beer leaguer wants to listen to is a newby motormouth know-it-all.


Also, being a goalie myself, I suggest everyone trying to play the position just once.  We have a unique perspective and see things that no one else on the ice can see. You will be surprised at how eye opening it can be.

Get out there, have fun and we’ll see you next week. Oh, BTW if you play on a Beer League team you should really aspire to the Iron Maiden inspired  jerseys in the photos. Who’s Iron Maiden? Who’s…..are you kidding me? Only the greatest metal…..oh never mind.


Check out Beer League Talk . It’s adult hockey’s only podcast. You can download it on iTunes or wherever your listen to podcasts. Also they put a video of their show up each week on Youtube.