Howdy kiddies! Hope that you are all Blasting Alice Cooper’s School’s Out and driving around with the windows down headed toward the beach or the cottage for some summer shenanigans! Do you kids still use that word? Ahhh never mind I can’t keep up with you damn kids anymore.

So, this week I am happy to introduce you to @BeerLeagueChick! She is anonymous and somewhat mysterious in the Twitter-verse. That said, this woman rocks! She takes no prisoners battling and tweeting about the sexism that exists in the Beer Leagues. You know who you are, so stop it. If you ain’t coaching your male linemates then don’t coach your female line mates, they can hold their own!

Beer League Chick was inspired to start Tweeting to document some of that and to have an outlet for her trials and tribulations as a woman in the Beer Leagues and let me tell you, she is funny! But check her out for yourself.
She has wisdom for all of us.

Tell us about who you play with, where, when and what makes it fun:

I play in a men’s league with 6 teams. I am 1 of 2 women on my team and 1 of 3 total in the league. Our team is made up of guys from all backgrounds. I’m happy to say for once I am not the youngest on the team, although only by about 8 months! I really do love the guys and the lady I get to skate with every week, they’re a solid group who are very accepting and want to just have a little fun, break a sweat and enjoy some post-game drinks. I also play another night that is comprised of another level of guys who might’ve played college or semi-pro. That’s a pick-up and we draw the teams up before the game. Good group, faster skate, which definitely leads to breaking a sweat to drink some beers out back after.

See what I’m saying, she has her priorities straight. After game beers? We ain’t called Beer League Talk for nothing.

And check this out, her Old Man plays! See, I am not alone you little punks!

My father plays, he skated a little as a youth but didn’t really get back into it until I started playing at 11. He plays in the adult rec lower level league. He’s in his early 60’s so the pace is pretty good for him. He seems to enjoy being able to get out of the house and away from his 8-5 suit job for a little sweat and fun.

Which of us doesn’t? Spent Dad’s day afternoon playing myself! Good stuff when hockey runs in the family! She has something for all of us about women in the game. Pull up a chair and get your learn on.


What are some of the differences you see as a woman in the game?
Locker rooms:
I have no issue with getting dressed in a room full of guys, especially when there is not a female locker room available but some guys want to make it an issue. When a male has 5 available options and there’s only 1 girl getting dressed in a room. I’d think it would be very easy to just not go in the one where the female is getting dressed.
But sometimes that common sense can escape the mind. Ladies, get dressed where you’re comfortable, I know for me the locker room is part of what I like about playing.. The pre and post game hangin’ out. Also, you tend to find some places to change out of wet underclothes, whether that’s a quick run to the bathroom or out back between the doors of your truck.. you figure out what works for you.

Having to prove your worth:

Also, whether a lot of male players will admit it or not, when a girl steps on the ice, we are almost always made to feel like we have to prove our worth. We have to make sure we show them that we belong just as much as them.

Don’t Nitpick This Ain’t My First Rodeo:

I don’t mind pointers but when you don’t try to tell the rest of the team, males, how to play their position, don’t do it to me. I promise it’s not my first rodeo, I can handle it. We all play a different style of game and what suits you might not suit me. At the end of the day, as long as you’re having fun and playing hard, just play your game. Ladies, stand your ground, you deserve to be on that ice and you have confidence in how you play. Don’t back down because some kid wants to tell you that he knows better.

At the end of the day find the guys who accept you and support you. Those guys who do will have your back through anything at any time.

I always tell people I have a countless number of brothers so they better tread carefully. Hockey is a wonderful sport full of so many different types of people and a community of support.