Geezers in Breezers – This Week Features Mike From Everett Washington

by @Sounder2thecore

What’s up Beer Leaguers?

OldManDan here to tell another story, so sit on down kids. You, yeah you, sit down! Back in my day people showed respect to their elders and the men that played hockey were tough, the women, even tougher!

If you ask around any rink, anywhere from Honolulu to Chelyabinsk why people play the greatest game you can name and the first two things that come up in every answer are that it’s fun and the people are great. Your fellow featured Beer Leaguer this week is no exception.

Meet Mike,


Mike is one of those folks that as soon as you sit on the bench or walk into the locker room is there to say hello and welcome you to the group.

He along with his young daughter is playing and learning the game. He plays with our Sunday evening crew at Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, Washington home of the Silvertips. He started playing Jan. 2o17 and is now wheeling and dealing. I asked him a few questions for the benefit of Beer Leaguers  everywhere.


What do you think a new adult player needs to know: 

Don’t be intimidated. I’ve seen people starting from absolute ground zero (like first or second time on ice skates), and after sticking with it for a bit, their progress was incredible. Everyone is out there for the right reasons, so you don’t need to worry about not being good enough or able to keep up. The people are great and all newcomers are welcome, you just need to find the right group.

What is the best part of playing the game: 

There’s two parts to this for me, because not only do I play, but my 6 year old daughter has been playing for a year now as well, and she loves it! For me, I love learning the game and learning the athletic skills, I love the camaraderie I’ve formed with people I’ve met there, and I love the exercise. As a father watching my little girl get into it, I love the lessons she’s learning about teamwork and listening to coaches, I love the athletic skills she’s forming, and I love seeing the pure joy it brings her. Sorry if that’s too many answers, but they’re all true.

Best hockey memory:

After playing for 6 months I had a bone spur and I partially tore my right triceps. I had surgery two days before my birthday, and was expected to be out 4 months. I was back out on the ice in 2 months. In order to give my right side a bit of a break, I switched to playing left-handed for the first few months back (I’m back to right-handed now). In my first game back I scored a top-shelf goal as a leftie, and it felt amazing.

What stress or fears did you have when you started as an adult
I was worried about my skating ability, and the fact that I didn’t know the game very well. That stuff has all come in due time though, and today I’m slightly obsessed with skating and playing hockey. I watch every game I can and never miss a chance to get on the ice.

So for you newbies, get out there! Recruit your friends and hit the ice!