2 seasons ago the Ottawa Senators were a game away from the Stanley Cup finals. Things were looking up. But then….

Yes all of that is happening RIGHT NOW with the Ottawa Senators. Now is the perfect time for them to fix some of these problems….. TO CHOOSE A NEW FUCKING LOGO.


No fucking lie. Instead of working on re-signing their franchise player (or getting a ton of great assets for trading him), their on-ice product, or their front office problems, they decide now … right fucking now, is the time to poll their season ticket holders about a new logo. This is basically like having your house on fire and deciding you’re going to repaint the bathroom.



I have never been involved in running an NHL franchise before and it’s probably not easy. BUT I can guaran-fuckin-tee every single one of you that I could do a better job than Eugene Melnyk and Pierre Dorion. Hell, looking at their on ice talent I could probably be the Senators’ Reggie Dunlop. You know the good ole Player-Coach.

(Live look at Pierre and Melnyk discussing what they think about the Senators Fans)


Senators fans, I’m sorry you’re getting shit on by your team. It sucks. I’m not a Senators STH, I didn’t get asked to take this Senators logo poll but you can bet your sweet ass I’d be sending back this to Sens management as my write-in logo submission:

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