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So, I’m sure most of us here are hockey fans and have some sort of app to keep us up to date with current hockey news. Well if you’re one of the roughly 30,000 fans who use the AHL hockey app, congratulations you’ve just witnessed possibly the greatest news to ever be broken in recent AHL memory. For those of you who don’t know “Stewart Zimmel has threatened to punch Ian Bowman in the throat multiple numerous times”. Now who are Zimmel and Bowman, some hockey bros airing their dirty laundry? 3rd pair D-men trying to keep their tough guy image? Or maybe a couple of goons from the 80’s bringing their feud back into the spotlight. Well you’d be wrong on all counts! This might just be the most publicly aired office drama in the hockey world.

Ian Bowman, disgruntled software developer, has sent angry push notifications to his (I assume now former) boss over money that was owed and workplace harassment. According to Bowman, his boss Stewart Zimmel was ignoring Bowman’s attempt at contact for several months, and as a last-ditch effort, Bowman attempted to use a backdoor messaging service in the AHL app that they both worked on, in order to reach Zimmel. Unfortunately, Bowman “accidentally” sent push notifications to every user on the app.

I’m not sure how many of you have had texts accidentally sent to someone you’d rather not have seen them (sorry mom high-school was fun), but I’m sure no matter how bad it was, the worst person you would have to worry about seeing these is your poor grandmother, or maybe a few co-workers. Now, imagine if you accidentally aired your dirty laundry to over 30,000 people. I have to say if I were in that situation, I’d “own that shit”. Like just go full throttle and challenge him to meet me centre ice at the break of dawn like they did in the olden days. I can understand though that most normal people would be pretty embarrassed.

Honestly, I’m fairly certain this whole debacle has gotten more attention for the AHL than teams like the Iowa Wild ever have (which honestly isn’t really a high bar to beat).

Regardless I’d love to see these two throw down on centre ice and settle their differences. Plus, I’m sure if people would be willing to pay to watch the absolute travesty that was the LA Kings season last year, you would get a few people who would be willing to pay to watch this.