Goals Beer Leaguers Think They Can Score But Cant – 2

Wow! Jaccob Slavin kicks off the Hurricanes scoring with  a lil top titty backhand that us beer leaguers can only dream of pulling off. I can’t tell you how many game warm-ups I have watched where beer leaguers spend 3’s of minutes doing nothing but practicing back-handers like this. Oh yes I can tell you …it’s zero. 0 warm ups I have seen like that. The backhand wasn’t even the prettiest thing about Slavin’s goal. The nicest thing was Slavin’s acceptance of the pass and the transfer from his skate to his stick. A move that for sure would have most of us beer league hockey players face down on the ice rather than busting out our patented 11:30 pm goal celly.

Do you think it was a coincidence that the Kings promptly traded for Dion Phaneuf after this goal? Let us know in the comments!


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