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At least once in our lives we have all proclaimed pacts that if something glorious happens then you will do something to appease whatever gods you believe in. For example, If my Sooners come back and beat Texas today I’ll send 50 BLT listeners free Beer League Talk shirts. Usually these claims are outlandish and you don’t ever expect to have to make good on them. But sometimes… You do.

That’s what happened to a Houston Astros fan last night. Eddie Flores, die hard ‘Stros fan, told everyone in section 103 that if George Springer hit a dinger then he’d buy them a beer. “I just love my team, man,” Eddie Flores told the Houston Chronicle. “I knew Springer was going to hit one, and I wanted everyone to know it. I called it.”

So in the 5th inning this happened


Then this happened


Springer has homered in 5 straight post season games. I’d like to think this free beer dinger was the best of those 5. As for you Eddie Flores, thanks for being an upstanding guy and making good on your word. The only thing better than an ice cold beer…. FREE ICE COLD BEER!