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You know the saying one bad apple ruins the bunch? Well…..

I tried, I really did. I wanted to be the goalies #1 fan in 2019. I even proclaimed 2019 as #yearofthegoalie. But here I am faced with a dilemma. A lot of goalies I know are nice upstanding people, despite all of them being weird. Then a goalie does something so asinine that I can’t help but to paint all goalies with the broad stroke of the actions of this idiot goalie.

That’s where I sit today after watching this.



What the literal fuck? I don’t care if this guy got to close to your crease, or called your sister a smelly hooker donkey fucker, or if he made fun of your ugly kid….  you don’t do this. Later (in another blog) we will get into the goalie actually doing it and then skating away like a baby back bitch.

For a group that has a majority adamantly claiming their gear costs so much that they should be exempt from paying team league fees this is just insane. Why? What drove him to this. I’ve tracked down the players involved to get their stories but I’ve already tried and sentenced this goalie in the beer league court of law. He’s guilty of being a prick.

At first I thought this goalies team should step up and get this dude a new stick because it was a team donnybrook out there. Then I thought NO. This goalie did the deed so he should pony up. But then I realized that sometimes there are situations where a group can step up and be the real heroes, and that’s what we have here for you goalies.

I challenge you goalies to step up, raise some money, and get this player a new stick. Take a stand against rogue asshole goalies. Be the REAL MVP’s. So how can we do it? BLT will be a middle man in collecting restitution payments to buy a stick for this player. Once we have enough cash to cover the stick and expenses getting it to him we will shut this off and present the stick to the player. How can you help? Easy…

2 ways here.

  1. You can PayPal me.
  2. We have a goalie podcast in development. If you want to support that and support making goalie restitutions you can buy a shirt. All proceeds from this shirt will go towards the “Goalies Aren’t Actually Bad People Fund.”


Listen, we all know what it’s like to have a sudden expense that we weren’t planning on. It sucks. When it’s the result of someone needlessly being an asshole, it sucks even more. Let’s try to help this kid get made right, and show that the hockey community is bigger than one asshole goalie.