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Think about all the assholes you’ve met in your life. Hell, think of all the assholes you play in beer league. The number of assholes you’ve come across is likely considerable. Well, let me tell you about an asshole that will make all of the assholes you know seem like great candidates to be your new post game beer drinking buddy.

Imagine walking out of your house in the morning and it’s a beautiful winter day. It’s the holiday season and everyone is merry and bright. There was some snow last night but the sun is out today. Your coffee is warm and in the next yard over you hear the joyful sounds of the neighbours’ kids playing some outdoor hockey in a rink they built. Life couldn’t be better right?

Well I guess it could be if you were the biggest assdouche known to man. In Nepean, Ontario an unnamed neighbour (who will just be called assdouche from this point on) woke up, saw the joyful kids playing some ODR puck on their own rink, and then went back in the house to call in a report to get this ice rink removed for being “ugly”.

Here’s the news story

And here are a few photos that Mike Arsalides posted on twitter


Does this look ugly?


Hell no it doesn’t. It looks beautiful. It looks like the purest form of hockey. Think back when you were about to get out of school for the holiday break. If you lived somewhere cold enough you probably dreamed of 2 weeks of playing outdoor hockey until your mom made you come to eat. C’mon dude… How bad do you have to be at skating to be jealous of some kids ripping around your neighbours’ yard? Who hurt you dude?

Seriously I hope this guy slips on some ice walking to his car and hits his funny bone. Maybe something worse, but let’s keep it PG today. Happy holidays ASSDOUCHE!