I hear it’s called Hot-Lanta because something is always popping off there. This week it was Adam “Pac-Man” Jones getting in a fist fight in the Atlanta Airport. I want to say something about how ridiculous it is that 2 grown ass men are fighting in public but that would be pretty fucking hypocritical of me since … well… I love seeing 2 grown ass hockey players chukin dem knucks during games.


Here’s my problem… judging by the title of their blog, “Pacman Jones Went To The Airport And Beat Some Ass , Barstool Sports seems to be lauding Pac-Man’s altercation as a “beat down”



Do Barstool bloggers even watch the videos they blog about? The answer is probably no. If Barstool legit  thinks Pacman “beat some ass” here then Barstool has become 2 ply soft. Maybe you get soft when your worth 100 million bucks and lose touch with the common man.

Pac-Man’s fight reminds us a lot of this hockey fight ….. a hockey fight, I will remind you, that us hockey fans are embarrassed to claim as a hockey fight.


So this begs the question… Who would win in a fight? Pac Man Jones or Alexander Semin? Our money is on the #hockeyguy every time!

Think hockey players are tougher than football players? Prove it by smashing the share button right now like the share button is the face of the duster that just ran your goalie and offended your mother’s honor.

Now let’s watch a real fucking tilly boys! With a Right an a Right an a Right an a Right!!!!!!! ! Tilly Tilly !