I didn’t need these new gloves. But at the price I got them for they were practically GIVEN to me.

For those of you not in the know, Sideline Swap is a website where sellers can post used and new hockey equipment (and other sports stuff but fuck those soi-boi games) and buyers (ie; me) can, well, buy them.

Similar to eBay you can make offers that are below asking price, or buy the item immediately for whatever the seller listed it at.

Much of the allure of Sideline Swap over a site like eBay, or Craigslist, or Backpage.com (before the feds shut it down…haters) is that a lot of the gear is pro-stock. You’ll find tons of college and juniors team equipment listed at prices that are well below retail.

But enough free advertising for these guys. If they want me to pump up their tires they can send me some free shit (RH mid-tow curve, 85 flex – ya dig?).

So here’s the problem. This site is fucking addictive. I can’t wear more than one pair of gloves, or more than one helmet a game, but that 2009 Ryan McDonagh WJC helmet was too fucking cool not to bid on. Seriously. Look at this fucking thing:

There’s only one word for that – fire.

I constantly find myself on the app looking for the next great deal. New skate socks for only $7? FUCKING SOLD. I’ve been fortunate enough to sell a few items from my kit to somewhat offset the balance – but the ledger is definitely more red ink than black at this point. I have a problem. An addiction. The only cure?

No not more cowbell you fucking dweeb.

More slightly used but totally sweet Nazareth College Hockey pants! Size medium!