Don't Mess This Up Flames

It is rumored the Calgary Flames will be retiring Jarome Iginla’s number and I’m soo stoked! Why do I think they are retiring it? Because they made a cryptic tweet and I’m smart enough to put things like this together… Basically I’m a genius. 



Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla is the best player in my hockey history. I met him, he made fun of me, and he literally sparked my passion for the game of hockey. I’ll be forever in his debt and now you guys know who to blame for me being around. Iggy getting honoured is definitely deserved but I’m afraid the Flames are going to screw it up. 

They have already made a huge mistake by missing a golden opportunity to retire #12 that would have been ingrained in the memories of every Flames fan. Everyone knew the Flames were going to honour Iggy and we all knew it was going to happen in the 2018-19 season. On December 12th, 2018 the Calgary Flames played the Philadelphia Flyers at the Saddledome in Calgary. Yeah that’s right a game on 12/12. It would have been the perfect night to raise #12 to the rafters. You can’t write a better uplifting moments folks… But the Flames did not do that


This group was incredulous enough to spit in the face of what the hockey gods served them on a silver platter. I just know we are on the edge of the Flames screwing this up. I fear that the Flames are going to honour Iggy by making him a part of their “Forever a Flame” program. The program was established to honour members of the Flames organization and to extend the upmost distinctions to the players that have demonstrated an equal dedication to the city and the organization when they donned the Flaming “C”. Being Forever-A-Flame is a great honour but it’s not what Iggy deserves. 

Iggy’s number deserves to be retired. 

Anything less than this is an embarrassment. Personally, I think Jarome should have a statue in the Saddledome. It should be 12 feet tall, have glowing red eyes, blow smoke out its nose, and us Flames fans can make offerings to… And maybe even some sacrifices. A jersey retirement will suffice though… For now. 

Congrats Iggy and thanks for everything. I love you.