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Back up goalies are important. Sure, everyone wants to be a number one goaltender. But some of the unsung heroes of the team are the back up goaltenders who come in and save the day when the number one goaltender is sick, injured, or just plain having a bad night. That’s why having a consistent back up is important. Just look at LA and Montreal.

Now, I will shit on LA for many reasons.

  • I’m a Sharks fan.
  • I dislike Dion Phaneuf.
  • Up until recently, Darryl Sutter kind of creeped me out.

Whatever my opinions are, even I can accept that Jonathan Quick is a good goalie. Once a team comprised of some of the best forwards and defensemen in the league, LA should not be as far down in the standings as they are. Part of that is lack of production from their top players. The other part is the injuries to Jonathan Quick and back up Jack Campbell, leaving LA to scramble and rely on AHL goaltenders Cal Peterson and Peter Budaj.


The Kings are 10-14-1 when Quick isn’t playing. Montreal is in a similar situation with Carey Price. Historically, the Canadiens have relied heavily on Price’s goaltending and paid the price (HA!) when he’s injured. Currently, Montreal is in the playoff mix with a wildcard spot, but another stint on the IR for Price could push them out of a playoff spot. Price, who has played about 75% of the games for Montreal, has been in net for all but 5 wins. As much as I love Antti Niemi, he’s hasn’t really been a consistent goalie other than his Cup run in 2009.



Now, let’s look at San Jose. I am admittedly biased because I love them. But for the sake of my argument, I’m looking at the consistent goaltending duo of Martin Jones and Aaron Dell. While this year, Martin Jones is more of a clear number one goalie than years past, Aaron Dell has still played in about 35% of games played. This consistency, I believe, is a large reason why the Sharks are the number two team in the West. (Also, Brent Burns, but the Wookie doesn’t have a place in my argument). If Jones isn’t in net, Dell is.  There’s no worry about having to play with a goaltender the team isn’t used to because they practice with the same two goalies day in and day out.

In summation, love your goalies. Don’t rely on just one. And go Sharks!



Oh and btw… I guess I should introduce myself too. I’m a new blogger here. My name is Heather. I live in northwest Washington and I’m super excited to have an NHL team coming to Seattle. I’ve been a hockey fan for about 10 years. I’ve never played hockey in my life, so all my opinions have no experience to back them up. My favorite sports are hockey and gymnastics. My teams are the San Jose Sharks and the Vancouver Canucks, and I have an irrational hatred of Auston Matthews’ face.