Let’s get the party started boys! Tarps off, Wheel, Dangle, Snipe, Celly, and every other cool hockey saying. We are less than 4 years until the Beijing Olympics and I’ll be damned if I want to watch a – with all due respect – bunch of No-Namers play against “Olympic Athletes From Russia” again.

The IOC has given 4 options for the olympics in 2022:

Under 23 players –

Ok, this is better than no NHL Players. Look at all the great players that US and Canada can send here. Basically this would turn the Olympics into the World Juniors which isn’t the best idea, but better than sending what they sent last year. Albeit, I’m always going to root for the American team, but it would be way easier to get excited with players like Patty Kane, Johnny Gaudreau, Auston Matthews, etc. rather than up and coming prospects.

No Hockey –

Come on IOC … really? GTF out of here. What other sports are we really going to watch? Yeah Luge, Bobsled, Skeleton are all fun but people are watching the Winter Olympics to see some puck. This isn’t a secret. No hockey is not an option. Try Again.

Use The Same Pool as 2018 –

Ok this is better than No Hockey but it’s still not great. If you’re going to let Russians dress their pro players against college kids, then I guess no hockey is an option. We would much rather have the tourney be the World Juniors. One big silver lining is for sure Jaromir Jagr would be on the Czech team. He would be what 49 or maybe 50? Has a 50 year old hockey player ever won Olympic gold?

Now for the only real Option right?

Listen up Bettman and all you other “I sit in luxury suites sipping sparkling water instead of up in the 300’s pounding beer with all the real fans to watch games” team GM’s & owners:


America wants to see more of this:

Canadians want to see more of this:

Who is with me? Im guessing every one of you beer league beatniks. If you’re not… 1. You’re Not A Real Hockey Fan and 2. FUCK YOU!