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Embarking on the first full season in the post-Jagr era and it really has been a tough pill to swallow. Jagr is a player that most current NHL players watched and learned from growing up on their journey to the NHL. He has become such a special part of NHL history and hockey history in general. I’m here today to answer the question “Is Jagr a Mens Leaguer in disguise?” Lets explore.
1. Playing Career – In Jaromir Jagr’s illustrious playing career he has played for 9 NHL teams, and countless European and KHL teams. He also has a prolific World Cup and Olympics record. Jagr doesn’t care who he plays for or where he plays, as long as he’s playing. Every beer leaguer has had the trouble of not fitting into a league, wanting to play more hockey, moving for work, and real life things that keep you moving from team to team as the years go on.
2. His Gear- In the NHL you have complete access to every piece of top of the line gear, and have access to things that the public just can’t get. That never did much for good old Jags, seeing as how he was finding ways to paint gloves when traded, downgrading to a ‘technical not illegal’ helmet in his current league, and going as far changing branding on old tattered gloves just to keep using them.
3. Hes slowing down – You could make an argument that he didn’t look much like a beer leaguer early in his career. He was on a great team for him, he was fast and healthy, he looked the part, and it just made sense. As time wears on we see that what lies in the dark will slowly come to light. I don’t know how many Monday mornings have started for my with a sore groin, shoulders, knees, and whatever supplementary damage I took, and for some time JJ has been there too. Injuries has been the story of this seasoned legend the past few years but after a full year of recovery, the OG himself is back.
I feel that Jaromir Jagr has fooled an entire generation into idolizing a true mens league player. And for that, the community of has-beens and never weres thanks you. We will soon find out if he will continue to play for his local team HC Kladno or if his injuries will pull back the curtain pushing him back to his final and true stage: “Jaromir Jagr: Beer leaguer”