Hey guys, Jake again. Today I’m bringing you a new little series I’m calling “Keeping Up With Los Machetes”. It’ll be a weekly recap and sort of online diary for me that’ll be out on Friday after my beer league games on Thursday night. Our group of guys/ladies is a really fun one and there’s never a dull moment in the room or on the ice. Plus, I know everyone says that us goalies are weird so I might as well showcase my weirdness to the world for everyone’s entertainment! Now onto this week’s recap:


Game 1 of 18: Los Machetes 13, Wolfpack 3

Yeah… uh, we may have gone a tad too hard for game one. We’re playing in rookie again this year and unlike last season where we played against a bunch of dudes playing copper, we were playing a team that actually belongs in rookie. They’re all pretty much brand new but they have some players that have obviously played before so it’s not too lopsided. Or so we think.

So the first period starts and we pretty had possession of the puck for pretty much the entire period. They scored super late in the period and I take full responsibility for it because I was super fucking lazy trying to flare my leg on a blocker-side save. Regardless of how dumb I felt, we enter the second ahead 4-1.

The start of the second was uber fucking slow. I stood around and tapped my posts for a good 2-3 minutes straight just because I really wasn’t doing a whole hell of a lot. We started the period with the SOG advantage 10-7 in our favor and then the floodgates opened. Goals started going in like crazy for us and their poor goalie just kept getting pelted with pucks left and right because their whole team was tired. I really applaud the guy because he took everything with a smile and was actually really positive when we talked after the period. I know after our first game last season, a 10-1 loss, I wanted to just die because I felt so embarrassed. Mostly because I got Toskala’d, but that’s beside the point. After two, we head to the final frame with an 8-2 lead. Their second goal was nice little passing play in front that I barely missed but hey, we had a 6 goal cushion. No big.

So to start the third we’re back in the home end of the ice and I actually started to get nervous. I have really vivid memories of getting shelled in that end in a few games last season so I always get a little shaky. The combination of being able to see the crowd in my peripheral view and knowing there are people looking in behind me just throws me way off for whatever reason. Honestly, there’s not a ton to say about this period besides the fact that I noticed at one point that I was doing backward C-cuts and shimmying to some song the rink attendant was playing. I can’t dance, so the fact that I’d do something like that really meant I was itching to do something. Maybe that or the pre-workout I took before the game still had me tweaking a bit. I faced one more shot the rest of the game… And it went in… But Los Machetes walk away with a W in the season opener.

I hope you guys enjoyed this first recap. It was a super fucking boring game so hopefully, this week will be a little more entertaining! If you want to follow us on social media, both our Insta and Twitter are @losmacheteshc. The Insta is a little more active than the Twitter page but we have both! Thanks for reading!