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My opinion on goalies is well documented. You people are sub-human.

Apparently, the part of you that is human is the part where you’re over sensitive babies.

I was willing to look passed the death threats I received via social media when I called you out for what you are – non-athletic social outcasts who can’t afford to play Beer League without having the league fees waived. I looked passed it like I look passed dead animals on the side of the road. I pity your plight. And thus, you are easily forgettable.

I will not look passed you hiding behind a silly facebook group that blocks the people they chirp all while sending all your little pillow padded friends after him.

What kind of brain-dead anthropomorphic concussion does something like that? A goalie, that’s who. You’ve huffed so much helmet paint you’ve gone dumb and soft.

You would never see a tough good ol’ Canadian boy defenseman do something like that. You know those pure-bred studs from Regina, Saskatchewan wouldn’t pull that nonsense. They’d drink a 12 of Puppers and Pitter Patter, or something.

Nick is just a simple Oklahoman who is as bad at catering to your delicate sensibilities as he is at attempting to dangle. They don’t teach emotional intelligence in Oklahoma, they’re too busy trying to teach kids not to lick paint, or fuck a piece of corn or something.

Sorry you got your feelings hurt because you’re a terrible goalie and even NICK was able to put one past you and it got caught on film.

Maybe people wouldn’t try so hard to score on you if you weren’t such a dick.


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