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Recently there have been videos of some pretty obnoxious on-ice behavior. I, for one, have been pretty surprised; more at the responses, than the actions.


First there was the ass-hat goalie that broke another players stick over the back of the net (also, what a lame way to do it. Goalies break sticks by abusing our best friends, the posts, with them. If you are going to do it, don’t wimp out.). Then there was the video with a skater stomping a stick. Much better in the execution of an ass-hat move. However, neither method is something someone should be doing.


Here’s what gets me: All those folks claiming that goalies should take up a collection and buy that guy a new stick. Really? Why would we do that? Did the skaters take up a collection for the guy who broke an opposing player’s stick? I bet not. The goalie should be buying a new stick, assuming that the guy hadn’t done someone that makes the whole thing a wash. Let’s face it, we do need to remember a game is 60 mins, and we didn’t even see one minute.


There are ass-hats in all areas of the world. On the ice, and off it. (If you don’t believe me, please come to spend a few days in my store. You’ll see enough to make sure you realize that they are out there and don’t require skates to execute obnoxious behavior.)


If a goalie breaks the stick of another player, he’s an ass. It doesn’t reflect on goalies everywhere anymore than the idiot that thinks it’s funny in warm-ups to take shot at the goalie’s head or start off warm-ups with his best deke move to see if he can injure his own netminder. These are the pathetic cries for attention of one individual, not a group. Let’s face it, this isn’t the eccentric behavior goalies are known for. It’s one guy who needs an outlet for his frustration that doesn’t cost someone else $200.


We have all played on a team that has an idiot who can’t seem play without picking fights. Fights in Beer League are just as idiotic. Does one idiot who picks fights all the time reflect on all hockey players?


Seriously, end the ass-hat moves. If you have a team member who seems to think that someone’s gluteus maximus makes a good melon bucket, help them to see that they are not really up on fashion. The reality remains: most of us have to go to work the next day to pay for our hockey habit. Adding to the cost, whether by medical bills or at the shop, isn’t really a good strategy to make friends.


About the “writer.” Scot lives in Portland, OR and started playing hockey at age 5. After a 25 year hiatus, he returned to beer league at age 40. He’s a goaltender and defensemen. Clearly, also someone who likes to find ways to put phrases like “gluteus maximus” into blog posts. But, that is no more a reflection on Beer League Talk, than someone numb nut starting a fight in Div C.