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Tom Wilson is plowing through lesser opponents the way Rocky Balboa chopped through trees in the Russian wilderness before defeating Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Who do these poor bastards have to thank for their recent ass-whoopings? None other than Ryan Reaves.

On December 4th, Ryan Reaves cheap-shotted Tom Wilson and was ejected from the game between Washington and Las Vegas. The Caps and Golden Knights don’t play again for the remainder of the year and won’t meet till again till next season, barring a Stanley Cup Final rematch.

Regardless of when, or what team Reaves is with (he has 1 year remaining on a 2-year deal with VGK), he and Wilson will meet again. Unless Reaves unexpectedly retires or doesn’t make a roster next season. Accordingly, Tommy Nightmare has been tuning up foolish combatants every time they decide to drop the gloves. Need proof? Here is our One Punch Man’s last two “Tales of the Tape”.

Jamie Oleksiak – December 19th, 2018

After Pittsburgh GM Jim Rutherford ran his mouth about Wilson not wanting to fight Oleksiak in the playoffs, Wilson decided to shut both of them up with One Punch.

The Result: Oleksiak looked like this and Rutherford traded him back to Dallas for a 4th round pick just a few weeks later. Thanks, boss!

Ian Cole – February 7th, 2019

You would think that players would learn not to mess with Evgeny Kuznetsov when Tom Wilson is on the ice. This is how Brayden Coburn got lit up by Wilson in the playoffs after ripping Kuznetsov’s jersey off him during a scrum and throwing it across the ice.

Cole threw an elbow at Kuznetsov’s head during the Capitals recent game against the Avalanche. An elbow that, unfortunately for Ian Cole, Tom Wilson saw out of the corner of his eye.

The Result: In a completely one-sided fight, Tom Wilson broke Ian Cole’s orbital bone. Cole is out indefinitely, and Wilson in an interview with a Washington, D.C. are radio station has said, “You never want to see a guy get hurt.”.


Unless that guy’s name is Reaves, right Tommy? (wink wink)

Ryan Reaves should seriously consider retiring or being sick the next time he faces Wilson.