What a STUPID Move

My god the Leafs are IDIOTS. I mean, just absolutely stupid. Hey Maple Laffs fans – when was the last time your team won a Cup? You don’t remember? That makes sense, because your team keeps doing stupid things like this and never learns their goddamned lessons.
You may have seen the reports, but to refresh:



Congrats, you morons. You bought one year of free agency, and will still be paying Matthews the second highest salary in the league. ONE YEAR OF FREE AGENCY. Does your GM not realize that rookie deals and RFA contracts are supposed to help keep young talent under contract at below market value? Is he completely unaware of that? The Maple Leafs now own 3 of the top 7 salaries in the league with Matthews, Tavares, and Nylander – OH AND SHOULD I MENTION that Mitch Marner is an RFA this offseason? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, ASSHOLES.
I hope you dumpster humans enjoy rooting for a 4th line comprised entirely of whatever beer leaguers exist in Toronto with a BAC of less than .44, which frankly is going to be slim pickings – because living in Toronto is known to make one want to drink themselves to death. I can’t wait for 37 year old Ethan Wilson, from the Hamilton Shitfarts Men’s C League lacing them up for the SOL’s in 2020.
If Marner gets anywhere close to market value, which he will, the Leafs are looking at HALF OF THEIR SALARY CAP TIED INTO 4 PLAYERS, AND NOT ONE OF THEM PLAYS DEFENSE OR GOALIE.
Great job. Seriously. Better buy your tickets to the Hockey Hall of Fame Leafs fans, it’s the only way you’re going to see the Stanley Cup for a long, long time.