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There was a very scary moment that took place in the NFL Sunday afternoon. For anyone who watched the Steelers vs Ravens game, you will know which play I’m talking about. Mason Rudolph, who is filling in for the injured Ben Roethlisberger, got absolutely leveled yesterday and appeared to be knocked unconscious.

Admit it. We all like to see bone crushing hits. It makes the games that much more exciting. With that being said, all the new things we are learning about CTE and what many of these players go through in life makes these headshots scary. There was nothing exciting about seeing Rudolph drop limp to the ground. The NFL claims they are very serious about taking headshots out of the game by having severe punishments for any player who gives one. It’s hard to take them serious on their claim as not only did Earl Thomas get to remain in this game, but it appeared there wasn’t even going to be a flag on the play until the refs noticed Rudolph was injured. With all the new information we are getting on head trauma, what is it going to take for the NFL to wake up and protect their players? There is nothing fun for fans to see a player have an injury like this. JuJu Smith-Schusters reaction in this clip shows just how scary this inury was for fans and players alike at the time it had happened.


Scary, scary stuff. Wake up NFL.



Side note: Simply based on the fact that Mason Rudolph has said he is okay, there was one tweet today that I couldn’t help but laugh at…