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Being a goalie is hard. You’re expected to make the save every time, and if you let in a weak one or make a mistake, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! Players don’t face the same kind of pressure, and in fact, if they do make a mistake like throw an intercepted pass up the middle, they have the goalie to blame if there’s a goal scored!

Imagine if a goalie made a mistake so bad that he lost his job.

Well that did happen to Mike Condon (formerly) of the Ottawa Senators last night. Check it out:

Yeah, Halloween was real for that dude last night. That was a nightmare.

Well the nightmare got worse for Condon today, as he just found out he’s been waived by the team in order to be sent down to the AHL. Ouch.

But it’s all good Mikey boy! The same thing happened to Vesa Toskala a few years ago and he’s doing alright now! Right? He’s doing good, right???