Guys I think we all need to reconsider, are minor league sports as good or better to watch in person than their major league counter parts? Over the weekend yours truly took a wonderful road trip to the great city of Buffalo, New York. While there, me and my squad decided to catch a Buffalo Bison’s game. Now for those “special few” who aren’t experts on Triple A baseball, it was pretty incredible and highly underrated. The crowd was into it, the atmosphere was fantastic, the stadium was old school, but not a dingy mess like you’d expect. Between the old school ads, the Beef on Weck bobble heads (those are roast beef sandwich’s for those of you not from Buffalo) and the greasy delicious food that is going to make you feel like you are literally going to explode 5 hours later, it honestly felt like you were back in the 1960’s. Hell even the ticket prices will do that. Consider this: if you were to pay for tickets behind home plate, second row, what do you think they would cost? Well I got sit 2 rows behind home plate for the steep price of $14. That’s insane! For Jays tickets that good you’d be expected to pay at least $120 dollars a ticket and the Jays are really bad right now (this fact hurts me more than most people).

This isn’t just for baseball by the way. For the last three years my family has made the amazing decision to get season tickets for the Toronto Marlies. Now this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out, I prefer them over Leafs games. I know this sounds absurd, but similarly to the Bison’s, tickets are amazingly priced. This in turn allows real fans to come to games, creating a phenomenal atmosphere. While I know you don’t get the same level of play as when you watch guys the like great saviour Auston Matthews, it’s still quality hockey. Besides, I’m the hipster who got to watch Kapanen, Johnsson, and one of my new favourite guys Trevor Moore before they made a splash in the majors.

So for those of you looking for a real sports experience and don’t have $1000 dollars to spend on tickets, consider that the younger brother team might actually be the right choice and the better option to watch some giant people play some kick ass sports.