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First and foremost – we all know how much I loathe goalies. Sub-humans, the lot of you.

But that’s not what this blog is about, directly.

This blog is about a referee, and his insistance on being the show everytime he’s on the ice.

Now, a second disclaimer – I was a patched referee for about 5 years. I tend to be more forgiving of referee’s than most players because I know how challenging it can be. In college I refereed intermural hockey games at UMass for beer money and LET ME TELL YOU – I needed the beer just to survive making the beer money.


My game last night, and the referee who tried to take it over.

We’ll call this referee Fred. Because that’s his name. Fred has always been an issue in the games he’s reff’d for my team. Confrontational, wrong about league rules, and generally kind of a dick.

Last night was no different. One of Fred’s things is that he’s loathe to blow the whistle when the goalie covers the puck. It’s the weirdest thing, but the dude will straight up refuse to blow the whistle and force the goalie to play the puck.

Early in the game our goalie got a penalty for throwing his stick. It was a bad call (as our tendy was laying flat on the ice and our own defensemen accidentally kicked the stick out of his hand when skating towards the puck), and our goalie let Fred know.

Halfway through the 3rd, my team is up 3-1 and on the powerplay. A shot from the point is caught by the other teams goalie with one of our forwards on the doorstop.

1 second passes. 2. 3. 4. 5. Both teams have stopped playing and are staring at Fred. Eventually, in defense of the opposing tendy, our goalie yells out to “blow the fucking whistle, ref!” It wasn’t the most diplomatic approach, but I found it effective.

WELL FRED decides that warrants an ejection. Straight up tosses our goalie without warning. SOMEHOW our net ended up upside down and behind the crease after that call…I’m not really sure how that happened though. We were left to defend a 3-1 lead with about 8 minutes left and no goalie (we won 4-1).

We ended up playing the rest of the game with a forward back in next. We figured with the lead it was best to play it conservatively and keep the other team from throwing hail mary’s at the net hoping to get a quick couple of tallies.

BLTer’s, how would you handle this situation?