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As you all heard the NHL has a new spec for the Chest/arms protector.  If you look on any major social media platform you can see an article from a current NHL goalie talking about the new spec chesty. You don’t even have to click the link to the article to know what is going to be mentioned. What are they mentioning you might say? Probably all the new bruises they are getting or how the puck stings now. Here’s Brian Elliot talking about his bruises caused by smaller equipment.


The NHL continues to talk about shrinking goalie equipment and a goalie resource did some research amongst the goalie community to ask what goalies would like to be shrunk down. Obviously the most popular sentiment was none but it was interesting to see what goalies had to say.

Do you know who these articles are having the biggest affect on? Kids/teens. Anyone who knows hockey knows that goalies are a rare breed. I have played forward and some games we’d have to play with no goalie, and it’s no fun. Now how are you suppose to attract the next generation of hockey players to the goalie position when they are reading these articles? All they are seeing are the struggles NHL goalies are going through with these new spec chesty.  I know if I was a kid seeing my favorite goalie talk or write about getting hurt all the time, it would push me away from wanting to be a goalie.

Non-NHL goalies of the world, what are your thoughts? Do you think the gear changes are driving people away from the position? Let me know.