Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and found out that EA Sports would never make another NHL game for the PS4 or XBox One?

(side debate Which Console is better? PS or XB? Why? Let me know in the comments)

Ok back to imagining that they aren’t ever making another NHL game. That would totally suck wouldn’t it? Can you imagine the feelings of sorrow and angst you’d go through? I don’t have to imagine because EA sports did just that to me. Of course not with NHL but with NCAA football.

I love hockey… no doubt about it. My favorite sport (and video game)  but it wasn’t always that way. I didn’t start playing hockey until I was in my late 20’s and in Oklahoma no less. I grew up like most every other youngster in the greatest state in the union. Growing up in Oklahoma consists of shootin guns, grandma’s banana pudding, BBQ’s on Sunday after church and Sooner football on Saturdays. Hockey is #1 in my heart but college football is a close 2nd.


In the summer of 1995 I was video game junkie (Sega Genesis) and I decided to start cutting lawns to buy video games. I saved up all my lawn money from May and June to buy College Football USA 1996. It cost like $40/$45 bucks then or like 1 million bucks in todays currency. I remember getting home and played it all summer vacation non stop. This led to 19 straight years of buying EA Sports NCAA football game. I loved every year and didn’t care they’d added stupid features like hit stick. I just loved the game.

One day I woke up and they announced no more College football games and I was seriously depressed. It sucked… now all I play is NHL, Battlefield, and stupid Fortnite. I am a bad ass at fortnite. I might be using bad ass in the wrong way but I did write a pretty awesome guide about enjoying Fortnite not long ago. Check it out.

I digress

Every time EA announces a new NHL  release there’s always bitching and moaning from the gamers that it’s just a facelift of the same pig as last year. Same game engine, same glitch goals, blah blah FUCKING blah. At least you have a GOD DAMEND NHL game you FUCKING BABIES !

(BTW this year we broke all the new features and the cover athlete before it was announced. Yeah we are that fucking awesome! Proof Here)

Bitching gamers aren’t wrong however. NHL has lost a lot of my interest recently because you’re right …. it almost the same game every year. This year we get legends which is pretty awesome. Im also pretty jacked about ODR option. It could be worse…. there could be no more NHL game Right?


There’s more to this story. If you don’t want to fly into a rage about the countless dollars you’ve spent on NHL games stop reading here.


Here is where I’m going to piss off all the NHL fans who think they are getting ripped off with getting the same ole’ version of the game every year.

Remember when I said EA stopped making an NCAA game in 2014? Yeah well today I found out there’s a group that goes into player editor every year and creates all the new players. They meticulously edit all the stat attributes. They then upload rosters so people can download them and play with 2018 rosters on a 5 year old game.  They are literally keeping the NCAA game from becoming extinct.


So while all us suckers are buying refreshed NHL games the college football gaming fans are getting a shit ton of bang for their 2014 buck by simply updating rosters and continuing to game on. If I ever meet those guys from the article… first 3 rounds are on me. Could we make this happen in NHL? Anyone else still playing NHL 14?