**Disclaimer - this most likely has nothing to do with hockey**


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You people are the WORST.


You. The f***ing idiot who slows down below the speed limit when approaching a speed camera.


I don’t know if you have traffic cameras in your part of the country or world, but we have them everywhere around Washington, D.C. We have speed cameras mounted on poles. We have red light cameras at intersections. We even have little portable mailbox size doohickeys that have speed cameras inside them. But my favorite by far has to be the speed camera that is mounted to the front of a van or SUV. These little bastards are EVERYWHERE, most often in construction zones. Especially in the construction zones where you NEVER see anybody doing any actual construction.

The threshold for these cameras to take a photograph of your license plate and send you a ticket in the mail with a fine is set around 10 or 11 mph. I routinely get stuck behind morons who jam on their brakes and drop down to 5 mph below the posted speed limit as they approach a speed trap. I, in turn, have to hit my brakes to compensate for their ineptitude, which subsequently leads to me almost being rear-ended by the dummy behind me who is dicking around on their phone and not paying attention to traffic.


I’m tired of this $#!t… I’m tired of almost getting in an accident because some crap-for-brains thinks that going below the speed limit gives them some sort of good karma ticket insurance against a future violation. THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS!!! These are the same idiots, by the way, that when making a left turn from a left turn lane will VEER INTO THE RIGHT LANE MOMENTS BEFORE making their turn. These automobile abominations will justify this behavior by saying that it gives them a better turning radius, when in fact, they do this ‘cause they suck at judging a turn and they got tired of clipping the curb with their back wheels. Your poor life choices are not my problem. Your lack of skill and competence behind the wheel should not put me in danger. I have said for years that the test for getting a drivers license and the test for becoming a parent are too easy. Driving tests are a joke. And if you can put IKEA furniture together (insert Tab A into Slot B) then CONGRATULATIONS!!! You too can be a parent to a sh**ty little driver of your own.