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Last week I posted a blog about the dirtiest player in the NHL. The post was met with the usual fervor of chirps but also the usual 50% of people that agreed with the opinion. The chirps were funny because they centred around things like “you call that a slash”, “stop pussifying the game of hockey”, and “this is old school hockey”. Fair enough. Maybe I’m not old school enough to remember the days where only one guy on the team had skill and the rest of the team just went “Hanson Brothers” on the rest of the team and people enjoyed it. BTW yes, I’m saying Gretzky would have been a pretty good but not elite player in today’s NHL.

Last night the Flames took on the Sharks and there was what I believe to be some “old school hockey” involved.


First there was this:

Then there was this:


Is this what we want?


Let’s not get off on the tangent of NHL officiating being broken. Another blog for another time. NHL officials are horrible though. I don’t really care about the rough stuff. I’m watching hockey to see skill and speed. You know, the flashy goals that I will always dream of being able to score but will never ever be able to pull off. I find that exciting. If the rough stuff happens I’m pretty meh about it (unless it’s targeting star players and then I hate it).

My issue with the series of events from last night is number 1: I’m sure 90% of the Sharks fan that read the Byfuglien blog were fans lauding “old school hockey” but are now saying Bennett should get 20 games. Even their media is out to lunch here. I mean this tweet?!?!



… And 2: Ok I get it you’re a fan of your team and you’re going to have some bias. Cool! I’m the same way when rooting on my team. I agree Bennett’s hit was a bit dirty but you can’t condemn Bennett without first looking inward. Of all the Sharks fans up in arms over Bennett just absolutely demolishing “what’s his name”, not one of them that I know of stopped to think, “I wonder if this is a little payback for Aaron Dell getting ol’ Sammy in the twig and berries earlier?” I’m not an NHL player but I play beer league, so close enough. I can promise you if someone got me in the lil Nicks I’d be taking a mental note of who it was and putting it in the memory bank for later. And if an opportunity arose I’d take it. That’s what happened here.

So what hit was worse? Does it matter? No probably not. The question remains though: As hockey fans, is this what we want? Do we want “new wave speed and school hockey” or “old school hockey”?

I don’t want to waste another blog on this yay-hoo. He already fleeced the Sharks so I guess that’s where his high opinion of himself comes from. Evander Kane…quit. Just stop. ABORT!