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Tom Wilson really is a super hero. He proved it yet again in the latest installment of Caps vs Pens on Wednesday night, felling wannabe tough guy Jamie Oleksiak with just one punch (a la the anime comic from which the title of this blog was spawned). You really need to be careful what you wish for. All off season, when they weren’t trolling Caps fans with 3>1 tweets (get it right, idiots… hockey existed before 2009 – you guys have 5) all I heard about was how Tom Wilson refused to fight Oleksiak after the Zach Aston Reese hit in the playoffs. This is in large part because Pittsburgh GM Jim Rutherford called out Wilson in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

That’s noty exactly how it went down, Jim. Fast forward to Wednesday night. Oleksiak and Wilson are on the ice. Oleksiak makes contact with Jakub Vrana and Matt Niskanen, but nothing worth writing home about. Wilson comes charging in, both guys drop the gloves, Oleksiak swings first and… well, have a look for yourself.

Oleksiak was clearly woozy after the single salvo from Tommy One-Punch. You never like to see anyone get hurt, but Oleksiak only has himself and his GM to blame. Wilson is still pissed about his 14 game suspension, and he is definitely¬†still¬†pissed at Ryan Reaves. Wilson won’t get another shot at Reaves until the Stanley Cup Finals at the earliest. Since Wilson can’t fight Rutherford (unless he pulls a George McPhee-style move) and a rematch with Reaves is months away, so Oleksiak was the next best thing. Tom Wilson is a bad, bad man. His first punch might be the last one you see.