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No matter what your understanding of politics or world news is there is one thing I think everyone knows, you do not speak ill of Russia. This was made pretty clear a month back when a KHL coach made comments that anyone who critiques the league or Russia should be arrest. This was for comments that where made on some other hockey podcast that summed up the K and Russia as garbage. This guy wants people arrested because they didn’t have a good experience playing in the KHL…. Let that sink in for just a moment before you read on.

Russian superstar Artemi Panarin went for the big dog Vladimir Putin. In an interview that was posted on YouTube Thursday, Panarin told a Russian journalist that Putin doesn’t know right from wrong. He is the first major Russian superstar to criticize Putin.

So, if a coach wants to arrest someone for bad mouthing the K, what the hell is he going to want for someone bad mouthing their leader? Their leader that they view as pretty much a god. A guy that goalies let score on them and dmen let him walk them straight out of fear.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbF74WmmZuQ” /]

What are odds that Panarin has an “accident” between now and the start of the season?

If he isn’t taken out by Mother Russia, will Putin’s fan boy Alex Ovechkin take a run at him when they two teams meet up next season?

Only time will tell but if this is the end for the Breadman, what an absolute run he had.