Pro Level Beer League Advice 

by @BLTBerto


If you ever feel like you’re doing a bad job at something, just remember it can always be worse….. you can always be stupid enough to lose you entire paycheck.

If you’re annoyed watching an NBC Broadcast because Pierre won’t shut the hell up… Don’t worry who isn’t?

For example, On this date 5-3-1995: Former Hartford Whalers head coach Regis Pierre McGuire was forced to forfeit half of his years pay for furnishing confidential material to the Edmonton Oilers. He’s such a motormouth that he betrayed the team he coached. Gutless puke.


This is a hockey motto to live by when you’re playing in your beer league too. Be less like Pierre, shut up and play. Drink beer, play Hockey. Got any more beer league advice to live by? Leave it in the comments.